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Evan Spencer

Evan has recovered millions of dollars and obtained justice and legal relief for over 1,000 clients during his 22 years of practice in a variety of civil fields including entertainment law, business law, cyberlaw, adult entertainment, personal injury, malpractice, criminal defense, and class actions. Evan has also performed charity work and makes charitable contributions as well as providing complimentary legal services and referrals to indigent and disabled clients. Presently, Mr. Spencer’s primary area of focus is www.VERAFYDE.com, a project over 20 years in development that was finally launched in 2019. Mr. Spencer continues to offer free consultations and referrals to clients in all areas of civil practice in New York, Nebraska, and throughout the United States with the assistance of a network of local lawyers across America.

After being admitted to practice law in January 1997, Mr. Spencer worked for a New York City civil litigation firm where he learned all aspects of state and federal litigation. In 2002, Mr. Spencer defeated George Lucas creator of Star Wars in a highly publicized First Amendment free speech case in federal court in California, Lucasfilm, Ltd. v. Media Market Group where Mr. Spencer successfully argued that the animated pornographic comedy Starballz was a parody of Star Wars like Mel Brooks’ movie Spaceballs that was protected under the First Amendment. Later that year, Mr. Spencer became the first litigant to prevail in New York Supreme Court in 9/11 litigation against his landlord before moving to Colorado to co-found the Colorado Tennis Center. In 2003, after Kobe Bryant was arrested for sexual assault in Eagle, Colorado, Evan invented the Pre-Sexual Agreement, a contract analogous to a pre-nuptial agreement that was parodied on Chappel’s Show on Comedy Central as the “Love Contract” and reported by the media internationally including Playboy magazine and Sports Illustrated.

In 2012, Mr. Spencer filed a class action against New York City restaurants, bars, and night clubs that violated consumer protection laws by charging automatic gratuities. The case received national media attention, advised the public of this unlawful practice, and stopped most businesses from continuing the illegal policy. In 2013, Mr. Spencer’s lawsuit against Match.com was responsible for exposing the fake profiles and scams that predominate on IAC Interactive’s dating web sites, where thousands of members have been scammed out of millions of dollars. From 2014 – 2018, Mr. Spencer instituted civil rights litigation on behalf of Nebraska businessman Shane Harrington that resulted in the formation of the Midwest Girls Club and Club Omaha, the fastest growing gentleman’s clubs in the Midwest with over 20,000 members and hundreds of dancers. He is presently opening new private membership clubs in Europe with partners abroad.

Evan Spencer was born in the summer of 1969 at St. Lawrence Hospital in Bronxville, New York. He was educated in New York at Davis Elementary and Scarsdale High school (the #1 public high school in the United States at that time) where he was the only student to graduate after 3 years at the age of 16. Evan received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the State University of New York at Purchase and his law degree from PACE University School of law in White Plains. Mr. Spencer’s primary residence is in the Berkshires in Massachusetts but he travels to accommodate clients and business throughout the United States and Europe.

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